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Maintenance FAQ's

Q: Does the ServiceNOW™ program provide alarm monitoring for my Avaya telephone system?

A: YES. The Avaya will automatically send alarms to our RMATS alarm monitoring center. The RMATS center monitors incoming alarms 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. When an alarm is received, the RIMOOS monitoring system automatically dials in and resolves approximately 80% of problems with the Avaya System. If the problem cannot be resolved, it alerts our on-call technicians via e-mail and text message to their cell phone and pager. The technician will normally remotely access your system and begin problem diagnosis and remedial action.

Q: Does the ServiceNOW™ agreement include 7x24 monitoring of the voicemail?

A: YES, provided the voicemail is covered as adjunct equipment. However, from experience, the internal voicemail alarm modules are ineffective at detecting problems. The alarms they do send are normally administrative only. In most cases, the end user knows immediately if they have a voicemail problem and can call the RMATS center. If the voicemail is down, the Avaya switch will send a link alarm to the RMATS center.

Q: What happens if I have an emergency that requires a technician?

A: You can call Rising Sun Telecom's 800-578-1022 phone number and we will open a trouble ticket and dispatch a technician. Also, as part of the ServiceNOW™ program, you can call an emergency dispatch number that automatically pages the technician on call.

Q: Does the ServiceNOW™ program cover the cost of replacement parts?

A: YES, for a covered item. If the Equipment becomes defective through normal use, it is replaced, free of charge, on an exchange basis. If the Equipment becomes defective through misuse or abuse, labor and replacement parts will be at an additional charge.

Q: Does the ServiceNOW™ program cover the cost of technician dispatch?

A: YES, if during the covered period and for a covered item. Technician dispatch is covered for the coverage period specified. If the technician is dispatched outside of the coverage period, or for a failure which is not covered under the ServiceNOW™ program, then the normal "time and material" rates will apply.

Q: What happens if the problem is caused by equipment not covered by the ServiceNOW™ program, or by a third party vendor such as the T1 service provider?

A: In that case, the technician dispatch is treated as a service call and the customer is invoiced at the applicable "time and material" rates.

Q: What is the response time for dispatched technicians?

A: Generally, the on-call technician will dial into the switch and start working on the problem within 15 minutes to one hour after a call is received. If a technician needs to be dispatched to the site, the response objectives are:

4 hours for a Major Failure from time of dispatch.
Next business day by 5:00 PM for a Minor Failure.

Q: What is the availability of parts for the Avaya?

A: Rising Sun Telecom has a significant inventory of spare parts for the Avaya at several warehouses throughout the country. Replacement equipment is obtained from local Business Partners, or is shipped overnight to the customer from one of the warehouses.

Q: Can the maintenance invoice vary?

A: YES. If the quantity of components in your system changes, then the invoiced amount will change accordingly. The number of circuit pack "ports" determines your rate in your Avaya telephone system. The ports are multiplied by a factor to give you the overall rate. Rising Sun Telecom will normally remotely access your Avaya and print out a "List Config All" to verify the equipment in use in your system. You are only invoiced for maintenance on the equipment you are actually using.

Q: What happens to the equipment warranty if we buy additional equipment from Rising Sun Telecom?

A: Rising Sun Telecom provides a ONE (1) year warranty for both NEW and Used equipment and components. While such equipment or components are under warranty, the per-port cost is deducted from the monthly ServiceNOW™ invoice.

Q: Are CSUs covered under the ServiceNOW™ maintenance program?

A: Internal CSUs, such as a 120A2, which plugs onto the back plane, are covered. External CSUs, such as a standalone 3150, are not included in the standard coverage. External CSUs can be added to the maintenance agreement as adjunct equipment.

Q: Who is responsible for backing up the system to flashcard, tape, or optical media?

A: The customer is responsible for backing up the translation data on their Avaya system.

Q: Who covers the cost of the flashcard that is used to store the off-site backup software?

A: Rising Sun Telecom is responsible for providing the flashcard or tape to store the off-site backup software.

Q: Does the ServiceNOW™ disaster recovery program cover the cost of replacing a defective switch?

A: If the Equipment becomes defective through normal use, it is replaced, free of charge, on an exchange basis using one of our backup, disaster recovery test switches. If the Equipment becomes defective through fire, water, or other natural disaster, then labor and replacement parts will be at an additional charge. In this case, the cost of the replacement switch would normally be covered by the customer's general insurance.

Q: Who is responsible for the cost of replacing defective equipment?

A: Rising Sun Telecom is responsible for the cost of getting replacement equipment to the customer and for the cost of freight associated with returning the defective equipment.

Q: What is the procedure for replacing a defective telephone?

A: Unless otherwise specified, the normal procedure is to ship a replacement telephone overnight for next morning delivery. The customer is responsible for swapping out the defective telephone set, placing the defective telephone in the box that the new telephone came in, re-addressing the box to send the defective telephone back to Rising Sun Telecom, and calling UPS to pick up the box. Rising Sun Telecom is responsible for the cost of freight to return the defective telephone set.

Q: What happens if there is static on a telephone line?

A: Static on the telephone line is normally caused by a problem with the cable infrastructure. The cabling is not covered under the ServiceNOW™ agreement. Technician trouble-resolution of the cabling is done on a "time and material" basis.

Q: Would I be notified of minor alarms after hours and on the weekend?

A: The RIMOOS monitoring system can be set up to automatically send real-time alarm information to the customer. Unless special arrangements have been made in advance, the technician will follow-up with the customer during regular business hours to make sure they received notification of all MINOR alarms that occurred after hours.

Q: What happens if the switch and voicemail have known problems or there is defective equipment prior to Rising Sun Telecom's taking over the maintenance?

A: The switch, voicemail, and adjunct equipment have to be in a working, problem-free state before Rising Sun Telecom will take over the maintenance. Rising Sun Telecom will correct any problems prior to the start of maintenance and bill the customer on a "time and material" basis.

Q: Does Rising Sun Telecom provide maintenance support for Avaya systems that Avaya no longer supports?

A: YES. Rising Sun Telecom provides maintenance support for the G3i V2, G3iV3, G3iV4, G3iV5, G1, and System 75.

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